Saturday, April 16, 2011

Aaahhh ... The Life of a Baby

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

I saw this quilt "recipe" on Moda Bake Shop by V and Co. I thought it was adorable and just had to give it a try!

I chose to use some polka dots in gender nuetral colors. Also, after much considersation I went with invisible thread for the letters since I still struggle a bit with applique. It hid all the imperfections beautifully! Although I must say after this project I'm feeling lots more comfortable with applique!

This lovely quilt is intended for an old college friend who is expecting her first little one. Since hers has not arrived yet, my munchkin was more than happy to be the model for pictures of it! Then of course the other two could not be left out!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Ragged Squares

I had big plans to make a circle quilt with ragged edges. I saw one somewhere (?) in progress and loved the idea and how the frayed raw edges would turn out. However, I kept putting it off cause I didn't know if I was ready to tackle circles yet. So when I came across a tutorial for a ragged SQUARES quilt at Crazy Mom Quilts, I couldn't wait to get started.
I had a stash af black, red and gray fat quarters that I wanted to use up that I figured would work pretty well for this project.
It was a super easy project and I loved the results! My only regrets being that I don't have a design wall. With three kids and a dog it was difficult to lay the squares out in the floor to determine what should go where. Therefore, there ended up being a lot of colors/same patterns lumped together.

I'm thinking it needs one more good run through the washing machine to make those edges a bit more ragged. It also still needs some strings trimmed, but my little model couldn't wait to snuggle up with it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Wonderful 8 Years!

My husband and I recently celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. It's been an amazing journey and I couldn't imagine a more perfect person to be on this journey with. We just had a nice relaxing evening in with a nice romantic dinner ... for 5. :-)

So here's what I made him/us. Pardon my blushing, but I thought they turned out too cute not to share! I think I saw this project sometime around valentines day on one of the linky parties I check out. I am pretty sure this is the link where I saw it the first time. From there I was also led to this site with even more similar ideas that are super cute! I just decided to take it a step further and make "his & her" pillows. So I gathered up a bunch of scraps from my HST quilt I recently made for our room and just started sewing 'em together! I even went all out and quilted them too because I love little projects like this where I can get some easy quilting practice in.

And ta-da! Here's the front of both pillows ...

And here's the back ... Can you guess which one is "his" and which one is "hers"? hehe

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Spicin' Things Up In the Bedroom ...

Ok, let's everyone get our minds out of the gutter. I'm just talking about my awesome new quilt I made for my bedroom! Here's my oldest son and his friend trying to help me get a good picture. However, there wasn't much sun and it was windy and they were being silly. So this was about as good as I could get. I even made the matching "his & her" pillowcases. I wasn't sure about the border but ended up really liking how it turned out.

This was a bit of a big project for a beginner. So while it is far from perfect, I am still completely thrilled with how it turned out. I'm gonna try to get some better pics of it eventually ... if the sun ever decides to make an appearance.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Work in Progress ...

Sometime around Christmas I came across a clearance bin with these sets of two coordinating fleece throws for $3! At the time I didn't have an exact project in mind for them but you can't beat that deal so I snatched up a bunch of them. They aren't anything super fancy or high quality but I like the colors and they are pretty soft and snuggly.

I have been planning on a big quilt for my bed but hadn't decided on colors or a pattern yet. So after a while of looking at these throws taking up space I decided how I would put some of them to use! Went out and grabbed a bunch of fabric in coordinating colors and got to work cutting and making some half square triangles.

I then had this lovely stack to work through trimming and making sure they were all squared up! Whew! Was definitely glad when that part was over.

As of now I have all my blocks put together and I sewed them together in 4 rows of 5. Now I'm not so sure where to go from here! The intended bed for this quilt is queen size so it needs some more size. I still have lots of purple and some gray, but mostly out of all the teal colors. I keep thinking that I might want to add one more row but I just really don't want to go buy more fabric. I thought about making a border like the one in the pic below ... but not sure I'm loving it.

I neglected to mention before that the part those fleece throws would play in all this is for the backing. That is another thing that has me nervous. I have not used fleece for backing before. Are there any problems I'm going to run across or things to look out for when I start machine quilting it? Can I still use batting and should I leave that out? Am I even going to be able to quilt something of this size on my little machine?? Yikes! I'm getting more nervous just thinking about it!

A Few Finishes

Here are some of the little projects that I've finished recently.
Used up some scraps and made a couple pot holders that I am very pleased with. I even made my own binding for them (a first for me)!
Then I came across this tutorial at Fly Through Our Window for a dish drying mat. It works perfectly for letting bottles dry! Much nicer than throwing down a plain dish towel (sometimes one that's ugly and bleach-stained). My little kitchen is looking cuter and cuter!
I also made a quilted purse. It didn't come out perfect, but it's ok. I didn't have a pattern or tutorial to go by. Just a picture in my head of some similar bags I have seen and liked. So it's a bit crooked in places and my measurments were off when I boxed the corners which made the bottom much smaller than the top. Otherwise not too bad though.

I found a wonderful tutuorial for this pincushion/sewing organizer.
The directions were very well written and easy to follow.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Remember that fabric I showed a few posts back?? Well, here's how I put it to use. A cute little matching set for my youngest niece. It was my first try at the twirly skirt. Of course I browsed through several tutorials to learn how to make them. However, I kinda had it in my head just how I wanted it to look and I just wasn't finding it. Finally, I came across this one and it was perfect. Her instructions were wonderful and made it easy for someone like me who is still pretty new to all this. I think it turned out pretty well! I also got to make the cute little bag and play with some decorative stitches. Now the shirt is a whole different story. The applique was also a first for me (other than pictures I've stitched on before that were perfect squares) and one that did not go so well. The stitches are a disaster! Definitely something to practice with first. She will not be receiving the shirt to go with her set until I decide to try it again after some practice and hopefully have a better outcome.