Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paper Piecing Practice

Say that five times fast!

Here is a little pinwheel pattern that I printed so I could try my hand at paper piecing and I loved it! It all came out so nice and neat and was a piece of cake!
So now I have quite a few of these colorful pinwheels and not too sure what to do with them yet. The squares I have aren't enough to make even just a lap quilt. Maybe a quilted totebag or something?? I don't know.

Let's Try This Again ...

I started this blog with great intentions. Then I got a little surprise on New Year's Eve that had me a bit distracted for awhile. Now almost a whole year later I'm ready to try to start this back up. I have done a few projects here and there and just want to share what I have done and maybe even get some feedback and even more ideas!

So here are a few things I've been working on this past year:

Don't laugh too hard at this first one. I was getting tired of having to use the dining room table for sewing and didn't want to pay the big bucks to buy one right now. So ... the hubby and I made one. I got the idea from a blog I came across at some point. We just used an adjustable height folding table and added styrofoam built up to the height of the base of my sewing machine. Made the little rectangle in front of the machine removeable so I can change the bobbin and everything. We added some clear vinyl on top to make it nice and smooth so fabric slides over it nicely and Taa-Daa!! My very own sewing table. I know it looks pretty rough ...but I can work on the appearance. For right now though it serves it's purpose beautifully.
This next picture isn't very clear but it is 2 table runners I made. I thought they turned out really well considering I'm such a new sewer. I just knew those little squares weren't gonna line up right. However, I put it all together and just needed to add some binding to finish it when I realized it wasn't really long enough for my table and then I never finished them. One day I'll pull them back out and finish them though!