Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Man Purse

About this time five years ago my little family was gearing up for some big changes. We were moving to an island in the Caribbean where my husband would attend school. He was headed down there at the start of the new year and my son and I would join him at the beginning of the summer when the school year was over. With the upcoming time apart so close at hand it was a bit of a stressful holiday season. We were so busy sorting through all of our things and getting rid of most everything as we would be moving with only the things we could cram into our suitcases. So we decided for Christmas this year we would just make each other a small gift. I made for him a pillowcase that I ironed on some pictures of our little family. During our months apart he would be able to see us every night when he went to bed and every morning as he woke up. He made for me a little wooden jewelry box that he glued some charms to and added a way to have a little recorded message play when you opened the lid. So during our months apart I could hear his voice with a special message anytime I chose to. Such wonderful and special gifts! Five years and many changes later we have managed to keep this special tradition going .
This year is the first time I've really been able to make him something since I started sewing and was pretty excited about it. So I now present to you the man purse!

I'm a bit worried it may look too much like a purse. I actually used this wonderful TUTORIAL for a messenger style diaper bag. Ha! I just shrunk down the measurements a whole bunch to make it just big enough for carrying his ipad and maybe some papers and stethoscope and stuff to work. Also, whenever he opens the flap he gets a little peek at his family!

I used fleece on the inside so it would be nice and soft and wouldn't have to worry about scratching any screens. It has some little pen/pencil pockets on the sides. I even did the zipper pocket on the back! I was so proud! I've been avoiding any projects with zippers like the plague. I was quite scared of zippers but it turned out to be not as bad as I expected.

I'll be sure to update after Christmas with whether or not he liked it!

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