Friday, December 10, 2010

My Early Christmas Present

I picked out my own Christmas present this year. Decided it was time for a sewing machine upgrade. It's nothing too fancy but a big improvement from the one I had. The new one is computerized and has 70 built in stitches. It runs so smooth and has speed control and is just much easier (for me anyways) to get things nice and neat and precise. I'm thrilled with it.
My first project with my new machine was an advent calendar ... kind of. Sometime after the holidays I plan to take this project and fix it up. I have so many thoughts for more details on it. Since we were already a few days into December I had to just throw it together real quick so we could start using it. The background fabric is white with sparkly silver snowflakes and swirls. Very pretty up close! Then I cut out a christmas tree shape and added it. The red at the bottom is suppose to be "Santa's Bag" and it is a little pocket where I put 24 tree "ornaments". They are just little stick on foam shapes. So every morning when Isaac wakes up he takes one out and decorates the tree with it. So we know when Santa's bag is empty it's Christmas!

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