Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh Baby!

I mentioned in a previous post about some news recieved on New Year's Eve last year that had me a bit distracted. That news was that our little family was growing!! So once I made it to 20 weeks and found out I would be having BOY number 3, I decided it was time for some baby crafts!

I wanted to start with a diaper bag. So I searched and searched online for the right free pattern and found several that I really liked. However, since it was my first time making a bag I wanted something really simple. So I got the general idea of how to make a reversible bag and then kind of did my own thing. The corners are actually square, I just didn't push them out in this first picture. Beside it is a little case for a couple diapers and travel wipe case.

Considering this was my first bag, I think it turned out pretty good. Unfortunately, I have only used it once or twice. There are some flaws in it that frustrate me. It needs some kind of closure maybe and probably a heavier interfacing because when you put it on your arm whatever is inside pulls down in the middle and then you get some crazy gap going on. Also the pockets werent thought out well enough. They don't really hold what I want them too.

I have thought about eventually making these adjustments to the bag. However, recently I have been experimenting with some different bag patterns that I like a lot better. So now I'm leaning towards taking it all apart and using the fabric to start all over!

The next project I made is something you can find in stores with catchy names like "Hooter Hider" or "Udder Cover". It's a cute little nursing cover up with an adjustable strap, a little pocket at the bottom and a "peek hole" so you can see baby while nursing.

It was super easy to make. I just hemmed all the edges, made a little casing at the top and slipped in a piece of corset boning for the peek hole and added some D-rings to make the adjustable strap.

Sadly, this is another project that has not got a ton of use. It turned out perfect and I loved it. I just am not one of the brave women who can just whip it out in public and feed baby anywhere they are, whether the hooters are hidden or not. So when I am out and find that I HAVE to nurse, I go sit in the car to do it. So when we are sitting in the car it's just as easy to throw a blanket over us in case someone should walk by. However, right after little man was born we were going to football games for my oldest son and still had some hot and humid weather. During that time I did use my homemade hooter hider since it was much more lightweight and therefore cooler than a blanket.

Oh! One more thing before I end this post. If you happened to click on either of the last two pics, please pay no mind to my nasty ironing board with all the ugly burn marks and stuff! lol But if you did already notice it, rest assured it is on my crafty to do list. I will definitely be recovering my little ironing board before too long!

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