Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh Baby!('s room)

Of course I had to make the baby bedding! The baby would be sharing a room with Isaac (my 3 yr old) so I needed a theme that was cute for a baby but not too "babyish" for Isaac. I decided I could make a sports theme work nicely. I did some browsing of all the sets you can buy in stores to try and get some ideas and thought that this color scheme worked well together. I didn't want to just pick blue for boy. I just used some iron-on transfer paper to add the picture I wanted and just sewed together some blocks and added a small border and ... Taa-daa!

I used the same thing for the crib skirt. Sewed the blocks together and added a small border on top and bottom. Also added some small but well spaced out pleats at the top just enough to give it that wavy look. I thought I was gonna go all out and even make a fitted sheet. However, I got a bit lazy at this point and found a cute one at target that went well with theme!
Then we have the diaper stacker. I think the material I used for that top rectangle was a bit too thin and maybe the single handle in the middle wasn't a great idea because it kind of pulls it funny. Overall it turned out pretty well. I plan to eventually add Connor's name to it.

At the moment Isaac's bed has some store bought sports theme bedding. They don't match my creations though! So I am working on the quilt for his bed as well as some other matching room decor. I'll be sure to add the pics when I get it all finished and set up!

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