Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sew Many Projects, Sew Little Time!

I am almost done playing catch up. Very soon I will be able to just show off my current projects! Here are a few of the "quickies".

Our dog is the messiest drinker ever!! Or maybe all dogs are like that?? Well, I made this cute little placemat for her food and water dishes. It has a cute little bone pattern and blue fabric on the back. I just threw some quilt batting in between and got some quilting practice. I cut out a piece of clear vinyl the same size as the placemat and use that for the placemat to sit on. That way it keeps the water from soaking through to the floor and I can just snatch up the placemat and throw it in the washer when needed. However, it didn't come close to solving the problem of the messy drinking. I'm not sure why I thought maybe she would contain her drips to such a small area. Water still flies everywhere! At least she's eatin' and drinkin' in style I suppose.

Rarely while I'm browsing for fun sewing projects do I c ome across good ones for little boys. So when I found this tutorial
I knew I had to make one for Isaac. It was super easy to throw together and he's had lots of fun using it not only for his tools but also for his little army guys and whatever else he can think to put in it.

I used this tutorial to make this cute little basket: It currently sits on the sewing table to be used as a place to throw scraps.

This last one is just a bag I threw together real quick that hangs from the side of my table right now. It has a short pocket on front and at the top a piece of boning to help it hang open better.

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