Tuesday, December 28, 2010

There Comes a Time...

... to lay a good ironing board cover to rest. It couldn't be put off any longer. It was so old and burnt up it had to go. The pad was so flat that when you ironed anything you would see the lines of the board in the fabric. The last straw was when I was working on the iron on transfers for the tie blanket in my last post, I accidentally ended up melting some sticky stuff on it. Sure, I could have just gone out and bought a new one ... but what fun would that be??

Some time ago I had done some browsing of some ironing board cover tutorials. In the end I decided to just figure it out myself. So I sat down and took it all apart. My husband has always been picked on by family (and yes, myself included) about how when he was little he would always take everything apart just to see how it worked. Then there's his famous quote he uses that I've always rolled my eyes at ... "I COULD MAKE IT CHEAPER THAN THAT!" YIKES! It's looking like he has rubbed off on me! I'm just waiting for the teasing to begin. Anyway ... back to the ironing board. I was glad that I did decide to take it apart because I learned how to make my new one without having to deal with any elastic! The old cover just had a tiny cord sewed inside the binding with the ends wound around a little "do-dad".

I started by taking the old fabric and using it to cut out the same size and shape from my new fabric. Then used some 1/4" double fold binding tape and sewed it around the edge with the tiny cord inside being super careful not to stitch over the cord. Was a bit worried my eyes would be permanently crossed after working with all that tiny stuff! X-) I used the actual board itself as a guide for size and shape to cut out a layer of batting and a layer of Insul-brite. Then I just layed out all the layers on the board and took the little "do-dad" and started twisting the cord around it so that it gathered and tightened the cover up underneath until it was a perfect fit!

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