Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Work in Progress ...

Sometime around Christmas I came across a clearance bin with these sets of two coordinating fleece throws for $3! At the time I didn't have an exact project in mind for them but you can't beat that deal so I snatched up a bunch of them. They aren't anything super fancy or high quality but I like the colors and they are pretty soft and snuggly.

I have been planning on a big quilt for my bed but hadn't decided on colors or a pattern yet. So after a while of looking at these throws taking up space I decided how I would put some of them to use! Went out and grabbed a bunch of fabric in coordinating colors and got to work cutting and making some half square triangles.

I then had this lovely stack to work through trimming and making sure they were all squared up! Whew! Was definitely glad when that part was over.

As of now I have all my blocks put together and I sewed them together in 4 rows of 5. Now I'm not so sure where to go from here! The intended bed for this quilt is queen size so it needs some more size. I still have lots of purple and some gray, but mostly out of all the teal colors. I keep thinking that I might want to add one more row but I just really don't want to go buy more fabric. I thought about making a border like the one in the pic below ... but not sure I'm loving it.

I neglected to mention before that the part those fleece throws would play in all this is for the backing. That is another thing that has me nervous. I have not used fleece for backing before. Are there any problems I'm going to run across or things to look out for when I start machine quilting it? Can I still use batting and should I leave that out? Am I even going to be able to quilt something of this size on my little machine?? Yikes! I'm getting more nervous just thinking about it!

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  1. This is beautiful, love the colors! HSTs are so much work but they're one of my favorite blocks.

    Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday, have a wonderful week!